1. Please fill out the registration information first.

After filling out the information, please contact customer service or call 400-688-5584 toll-free

We will open a membership for you. After passing the background audit  you can carry out normal shopping.

2. Placing order on the website, the background will record your order, and accumulate points,

when points reach a certain amount, we will provide the corresponding reward

(We are working on the specific reward system, and we will list it on this page after it is completed)

3.  Aparting from rewards, membership points can also be upgraded.

(Specific member upgrade formulation and bonus regulation will be issued together)

4. Our working hours are 9:30-18:30. Orders generated during non-working hours will be processed during working hours on alternate days If order placed after 1830 pm online .We will review the order by 0930 am onext day and  then  schedule shipment. Normally  delivery time is  in 2-3 days .

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